A backyard putting green can add an attractive feature to your home, but even more than that, it can provide a place for you to practice your short game, whenever you want. Relieve some stress after a long day, or put in some extra hours to shave a few strokes off your game.

But whatever your goals are for your putting green, when it comes to choosing between natural and artificial grass, there is one clear choice: artificial. You want your green to be low-maintenance, and with artificial turf, you won’t need to water or mow it, ever. Irregular shapes can be impossible to get a mower through, which means you can be more creative with your green’s placement and design.

That’s not all that you’ll get when you install an artificial grass putting green; these four benefits prove that synthetic turf is the way to go. 

Use Your Space

When you have a backyard green, you’re also putting more of your outdoor space to use. Not only is it a practice area, but it’s also a centerpiece when you’re entertaining guests. Host a friendly putting tournament at your next barbecue, or start your kids off with an appreciation of the game at a young age.

Fit It Anywhere

No matter what size your yard is, you can customize a putting green to any specifications. Add sand traps and multiple holes if you have a large property, or fit a custom shape green into a spare corner. 

Utilize Sod-Unfriendly Spots

Your putting green also won’t need to be in sunlight, meaning you can place your green under protective covers or trees, maximizing the time you spend on it. 

Forget About Mud

Artificial turf has a drainage layer that is meant to help liquid keep moving, meaning pet urine and rainfall won’t disturb your practice. You’ll never have to worry about a muddy green, and your surface will remain consistent, no matter the weather.

All of these benefits come with a ground cover that looks and feels like its natural counterpart, only without the headaches.


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