No matter what size your backyard is, you want it to be used as much as possible. Otherwise, you’re paying to maintain a space that might look good but is not being put to use.

Part of the reason backyard putting greens have become so popular is that they allow you to make use of space more enjoyably; take out some stress on a golf ball and practice your short game to wow your pals at the course. 

When you choose to install quality artificial grass for your backyard green, you’re also making life simpler by reducing the need for watering, mowing, and weeding. Children and pets can use the surface without it being ruined, and it will always play the same way. Most importantly, artificial turf can be designed for any size or shape yard, even right up to tree trunks if that is a style you prefer.

But how much space do you need to have a useful backyard putting green? These factors will help you decide.

Find A Spot Above Ground Level

Ideally, your artificial turf backyard green will be in the best drainage spot in your yard. That will allow the turf’s drainage system to quickly move any liquids along, including things like dog urine. 

How Much Do You Want To Care For?

Putting greens at the golf course can run up to thousands of square feet, but that also means more space that needs to be cared for. When you install an artificial grass green, you can go as big as you want, since you won’t need to water or mow or perform other landscaping tasks.

What Shape Is Your Property?

It’s a challenge to install natural grass around curves or other irregularly shaped parts of your yard. To get the most out of your green, artificial turf can help you put those hard-to-reach areas to use in a way that boosts your golf game.


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